Louth Arts Service
Who we are and what we do

The Arts Service works towards a society which values the arts, and recognises their positive contribution to individuals and communities. By supporting those who create art, the quality of life and the richness of cultures in Louth will be enhanced.

The Arts Service works across five main areas

Developmental and Community Arts

Supporting creativity at community level, through initiating projects which sees art being made outside formal venues including arts in education projects, residencies, older people’s participation in Bealtaine, and our three youth theatres in Louth, Irish Alive and Mostly Female, music in healthcare settings.


Commissioning new and relevant artworks and festivals across a range of media which reflect Louth’s communities, heritage, and aspirations, using the Per Cent for Art Scheme, facilitating murals, commissioning An Easter Service, acquiring artwork for Taisce Lú, the Council’s visual art collection, and working with arts festivals throughout the county.

Funding and Partnership

Financially supporting artists and communities in Louth through a range of tailored funding opportunities, and working with organisations at Board level to further arts and creativity in our county.

Information and Advice

Providing information on events and opportunities through our website, www.createlouth.ie, and through the development of publically accessible databases such as Taisce Lú. We respond promptly to requests for information on a one-to-one basis, and provide mentoring and advisory services for artists in our county.


Building on the foundations already in place, the Arts Service is responsible for the development of an Arts Plan for the County. We also contribute to County Development Plans, Corporate Plans, and respond to invitations to participate in regional and national sector-specific strategy documents.

Strategic Partners

We work with a number of organisations within Louth such as Creative Spark, An Tain Arts Centre, Highlanes Gallery, Music Generation Louth, DKIT, NAYD and the Droichead Arts Centre. We are also involved in a number of projects throughout the county.