Anthony Pilbro

Anthony Pilbro
1 For Duccio
Acrylic on canvas
81 x61 cm
Purchased from The Elemental Spirit exhibition, The Basement Gallery, 1999

Anthony Pilbro began drawing and painting at very early age and went on to study Theatre Design before studying Fine Art at The Slade, University of London. He is originally from London and now lives and works in Co. Mayo.

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“Painting has been something that I have always felt I had to do rather than it being something I decided to do as a profession – painting is not really a career it is something that you are compelled to do.” Anthony Pilbro.

At the time of making this painting, Anthony Pilbro was working through abstraction having previously worked in a very figurative way. “It was a way of freeing up my work. The lessons learnt are still very important to me in my practice”.

This painting drew from a number of sources for inspiration: A son of the artist’s Italian friend, the Tuscan landscape and the Early Renaissance painter, Duccio di Buoninsegna.

Throughout his career, he has moved away from abstraction and back into figurative work, using a lot of the techniques that he learned from painting in an abstract way such as discovering different ways of applying paint. He feels that painting is a process which never stands still and should always evolve and is continually striving to create better work.

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