Brian Hegarty

Brian Hegarty
1 Allegory and Self
Collage on paper
62 x 47 cm
Purchased from the Iomhá exhibition at The Basement Gallery in 2006.
2 Open Book II
Felt, paper, canvas, bitumen & paint on canvas
40 x 31 cm
Purchased from the Time Minds exhibition at The Basement Gallery 2001.


Brian Hegarty was born in Dublin and is now based in Drogheda, Co. Louth. He studied at Coláiste Dhulaigh and at D.I.T. College of Marketing and Design. He experiments with a variety of media in his work which oscillates between the representative and the abstract. He has exhibited widely throughout Ireland as well as in the UK and the US.

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Allegory and Self forms part of the collection of Louth County Council. It is one of a series of works entitled From Bone to Satellite. The intention of the artist was to make it almost a three-dimensional form yet still using the flat surface plane.

“It was about trying to present myriad ideas simultaneously. It is about fragmentation, fracture and our interconnection with the contemporary world.”

Open Book II, which is in the collection of Dundalk Town Council, is one of a series of over thirty works entitled Open Book.

“To me it is a sketch in a way. I was experimenting with materials like roofing felt, bitumen and varnish etc. I never use a notebook so in a way this series was my notebook hence the title Open Book”.

Brian’s new work retains a lot of the elements of his previous work while introducing new components to bring unusual qualities to his pieces.

“I am re-appropriating old vinyl record sleeves, using the sleeves as my material source, changing their narratives and adding collage elements. The work although still at early days, has a working title of Chronological Disorder.”

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