Jyrki Portin

Jyrki Portin
1 The Soft Machine
Pigmented ink print on aluminium
118 x 95 cm
Purchased from the exhibition In the Spirit of Silence at The Basement Gallery in 2008.

Jyrki Portin was born in Finland. He has exhibited in Istanbul, Vienna, Barcelona, Iran and London. His work is held in many collections including those of The Finnish Museum of Photography, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Teheran and Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki.

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“Regardless of the subject matter, the feeling of presence is crucial. You have to feel the pulse…”
Jyrki has been interested in all aspects of the visual arts and music all his life. “It was a very natural way to begin to work with things and thoughts that I love, and I took those first steps with photography”.
His main interest has always been the dialogue between man and the environment, and he has been fascinated by the possibilities of photography as a way to explore the passage of time.

Speaking in relation to this work, Jyrki says:
“Around me I try to see the things, which are the symbolic portrayals for the life itself. Sometimes I construct my own little world from natural and urban materials or I look at the X-rayed microcosmos of the life. I often get the best results using subjects that seem almost too familiar or mundane at first. The slow, meditative process of working with a classical 8 x 10 inch field camera gives me the best possibilities to find the way of working that feels my own. The thought of the human role in the universe and life itself fascinates me. I still love Soft Machine because it shows the things as I see them”.

Jyrki continues to work with photography and also makes work using video installation, sound and music. He has published three crossover artbooks and is a member of The Union of Artist Photographers, Finland.

Find out more about this artist here: www.jyrkiportin.com

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