1 Barcelona
Steel etching print on paper
36 x 56 cm
Purchased from Fresh on Every Surface, an exhibition at The Basement Gallery in 2009.

Kube studied Visual Communications at DIT and uses a wide range of media, including graffiti- traditional spray paint, acrylic and oil paint, photography, etching techniques and sketching. He works both as a solo artist and collaboratively. He has exhibited widely and was part of the high profile Roadworks exhibition at Dublin Contemporary 2011.

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Kube (Killian Walsh) is from Dundalk and is a Graphic Designer who makes graffiti art in his spare time. We asked him about his work.

Have you always been interested in the Visual Arts?
I was always involved in art from an early age and growing up, my Mum was very creative and encouraged me to pursue various creative practices. I mainly painted and doodled, and graffiti was a natural progression and something that I grew to love.

What kinds of challenges do you face as a Graffiti artist?

Living in a country that doesn’t encourage artistic expression and enforces laws and large fines for graffiti art. The fact that writing your name on a wall and knocking it down or burning it are all similarly classed as criminal damage is mindboggling. Ireland is always behind in everything culturally and socially and graffiti art is at the bottom of the list of priorities.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of making art as a profession?
Make sure you’re 100% committed to your art and maintain your integrity no matter what. Be sure it’s something you are dedicated to and not just the label. Also, it is hard work so be dedicated. A lot of very talented artists aren’t great at marketing themselves so add that string to your bow maybe?

How can people find out more about your work?

I have a personal website with my design work and also a communal website for our graffiti art. I populate this regularly and make sure to document all my creative work.

Can you tell us about the work you have in our collection?

This piece is a steel etching that I made in final year of a Visual Communications Degree in DIT School of Art, design and printing. The school had an amazing print studio with two brilliantly dedicated tutors, Anthony and Peter, who helped me learn loads. This piece was from our show Fresh on Every Surface (with Omin) in the Basement Gallery in 2009. I wanted to include various media related to graffiti art, but not just all spray paint on canvas. This piece was an edition of 5 which was based on a graffiti art piece I had done in Barcelona with New York artist, Cern. The photograph was mine, the graffiti was collaborative and the steel etching I completed myself.

Find out more about this artist here: www.selftaut.com

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