Maureen Finn

Purchased from “Establish Change” exhibition 12/11/2015 – 19/12/2015 in The Basement Gallery at An Táin Arts Centre

Maureen has been based in Millmount Craft Centre since 1988. She uses the ancient method of coil building to produce her ceramic works. She derives inspiration from natural shapes and forms. Seed pods, flower heads, weathered landscapes and their varied textures all inform Maureen’s work.

After constructing a piece, with a grogged clay, she uses various tools to create texture and then uses oxides to enhance these textures. Glazes and lustres are employed to accentuate the organic look of her work.

Maureen was awarded Best Ceramic Sculpture at Sculpture in Context, Botanic Gardens, Dublin, in 2011 for her work, Tree Dwellers

Maureen also works as a facilitator with blind and visually impaired children as well as a number of community groups and organisations. Each year she hosts a children’s summer camp in her studio in Millmount.