1 K’Blamo
Spray paint on canvas
121.5 x 182.5 cm
Purchased from Fresh on Every Surface, an exhibition at The Basement Gallery in 2009.

Dundalk-based graffiti artist Omin holds a B.A in Visual Communication and works in a variety of media. Working collaboratively, he has been commissioned to make work for painted for major companies, brands, festivals and arts organisations. He has exhibited his work across Ireland and overseas.

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Graffiti can be seen as a democratic artform as the public have unlimited access to it and traditionally, it has not been restrained by the confines of the Gallery space. In recent years, what has conventionally been perceived as an artform on the margins has been welcomed into orthodox showing spaces. This has created opportunities, but also challenges for contemporary graffiti artists as the practices of the gallery space and questions of permissions and curation can be crucial to the viability of the genre.

As a child, Omin was continually drawing and sketching. “I never stopped drawing. I feel that sketching is a good basis for developing ideas and these early concepts can be further developed into larger works”.

This work is in the collection of Dundalk Town Council. We asked the artist about it:

Can you tell us about the work you have in our collection?
K’Blamo is part photorealism part graffiti, part comicbook character style. It is a no-holes-barred- type piece. I created it while working toward the Fresh on Every Surface exhibition and wanted a piece that would have a lasting impact on people who attended the show. The blend of the two styles is something that I am still trying to master and K’Blamo is a good indicator of my progression at that time. What appeals to me about this type of painting or painting in general for that matter is that you are always learning new techniques and developing your skills throughout the process.

Tell us a little about your current practice.
I decided to go back to college in 2008 and have recently graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Visual Communication. I am a Freelance Designer and Illustrator and work for a variety of clients. I have been recently commissioned by the Arts Office to paint a large-scale mural at what used to be the Arts/Tourist Office in Market Square, the town Dundalk. As this part of the town has been newly refurbished the theme of the mural is based around the story of the Táin.

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