Calling All Teens: Unleash Your Creativity with M.A.D Youth Theatre!

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M.A.D Youth Theatre open day 2023.

Hey, creative minds and dreamers! If you’ve ever wanted to express yourself and explore your imagination, M.A.D Youth Theatre is the place to be. They’re like a guiding light for young folks who are curious about drama and excited to discover their hidden talents. Brace yourselves, because they’re gearing up for an electrifying 13th year, and they want amazing individuals aged 12 to 18 to jump into their awesome drama program. Everyone’s invited, no matter where you come from!


Imagine this: the last year at M.A.D Youth Theatre was a blast. They put on captivating performances that lit up the stage and touched the hearts of the audience. Picture plays that made you think and fashion shows that turned everyday stuff into pure coolness. The whole year was a whirlwind of artistic adventures that made a lasting impression on our local arts scene.


Now, let’s talk about the awesome stuff they did. Did you catch M.A.D Youth Theatre’s version of ‘This is a Room’ by Carys Corburn? It was a play that told touching stories of young people growing up and dealing with tough situations, with incredible acting that blew everyone away. And then there was the Little Drama Festival, where incredible talents got to shine. The mix of their creativity and skills was seriously mind-blowing. Both of these cool events happened at the An Táin Arts Centre.


Hold on, it gets even cooler! They brought some serious style to the table with the MAD Couture fashion show. This wasn’t your average fashion gig. They used old stuff to create fresh and unique designs. It was all about being eco-friendly and stylish. M.A.D Youth Theatre is all about using drama to make positive changes in the world.


But wait, there’s more! M.A.D Youth Theatre took on a big challenge by bringing the epic Táin Bó Cúailnge story to life and taking it all around the country. People everywhere loved it! It was like they turned history into a live show.


Oh, and here’s another exciting bit: this summer, 8 members joined the Youth Theatre Ireland’s National Festival in Kilkenny. For 4 awesome days, they learned essential theatre skills and hung out with other young talents from all over the country.


Now, it’s your turn to shine. They’re getting ready for a fresh year, and they want you to be part of it. Worried about experience? No need! If drama gets you excited, you’re good to go. Their weekly drama program is led by experts who will help you uncover your talents, boost your confidence, and make friends that’ll stick around. Plus, they’re teaming up with the An Táin Arts Centre to make sure you have access to awesome artistic opportunities.


Save the date – September 5th, from 5 pm to 7 pm. Head to Dundalk Town Centre on Earl Street (between Dealz and Mage Pharmacy). That’s where all the excitement happens.


Got questions? Shoot them an email at or send a quick text with “open day” and your name to 0831404747. And make sure to follow them on social media for updates and cool stuff. Get ready to be part of a community that celebrates diversity, loves creativity, and knows how awesome the arts are. Get ready to shine with M.A.D Youth Theatre!


M.A.D Youth Theatre proudly stands with Youth Theatre Ireland, Create Louth, LMETB, Louth County Council, Arts Council Ireland, and An Tain Art Centre. Let’s make some art together!