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Caroline McCarthy was born in Dublin and grew up in Dundalk, Co. Louth. She studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, and Goldsmiths College, London. Crisp packets, toilet-paper, plastic bags, packaging, rubbish and furniture are some of the raw materials used or referenced in an exploration of things generally so familiar they go unnoticed. Brought into conversation with methods of art production and display, the outcome is always one which makes unexpected connections between visual systems and hierarchies, questioning traditional interpretations and ideas of value.

Her work has been exhibited widely, with solo shows in Dublin, London, Ghent, New York, Derry and Düsseldorf, and many group shows internationally and is in the collections of many private collectors as well as those of The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Allied Irish Bank, Arts Council of Ireland, Zabludowicz Collection, and Berge Madrid. She has also worked on a number of large-scale public projects including a commission for King’s College London and a citywide installation for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

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Date: 2007

Medium: Steel

Dimensions: 4.26m high x 3m

Location: Clos NaManach, Carlingford, Co. Louth

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This work is based on a typical picture postcard of the area depicting the village of Carlingford at the foot of the Slieve Foy mountains with boats sailing in the Lough. As she grew up in Dundalk, it is a scene very familiar to the artist. For this work, she has represented this view in an unfamiliar way when after the initial glance, it is possible to visually thread and recognise the view anew. She has reduced the postcard image to basic graphic and compositional elements- blue sky, green mountain, turquoise sea, sourced from the original postcard she used as inspiration. These elements are cut separately to each other and stacked casually on their side, with sky and horizon lines running vertically.


Date: 2008

Medium: cast bronze

Dimensions: 190x68cm

Location: Mullaharlin Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth

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Wanted: Your Sofa was a site specific project for Mullaharlin Park where each household in Mullaharlin Park was invited to enter their living room soda into the Wanted: Your Sofa competition. There were ten entries and one was selected. The sofa was then cast in bronze and located as a permanent artwork in the green area of Mullaharlin Park. The work takes something from behind closed doors out into the open space. What was formerly for private, domestic use, becomes available for public use.