Biographical Information:

Catherine Studied at the Crawford School of Art and Design until 1993 and has won prizes for ceramics and for etching. She has worked as an Artist in Residence in France and is a member of the Artists’ association of Ireland and the National Sculpture Factory, Cork. She is a founder member of Bridge Street Studios, Dundalk.

Catherine’s main inspiration comes from the sea and places of tidal change.

“Water, River, Sea and Boat form a constant source of inspiration. Places of tidal change where the forces of water etch into the landscape interest me; as I am drawn to coastal areas, rivers and the local Navvy bank in Dundalk.”

artist works


River Gods

Date: 1997

Medium: Kingscourt (red) brick

Dimensions: 1.5x .5m (x6)

Location: Barton Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth