Desiree deRuiter , 2016 , Co. Louth

Since graduation Desiree is working with multiple printmaking techniques such as etching, aquatint, mezzotint, monotype printing as well as paper cutting and bookbinding. She has interned as a printmaking technician with Ground Zero Printmaking Society, where she is also involved as an artist, a workshop leader, and an occasional studio manager.

Desiree is greatly intrigued by the medium of print. She is fascinated by the technical and traditional processes of printmaking, as well as the multi-faceted and nuanced stimulus of contemporary print. Her recent work addresses themes of shifting landscapes, patterns of nature, and the body as landscape. Her work often pulls apart the image constructed and assembles it to redistribute our attention. Desiree is currently showing with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition in Vancouver, as well as preparing for both group and solo exhibitions in Victoria, BC.



  • Desiree deRuiter
  • Etching
  • Photo etching on paper
  • 50x36cm
  • Purchased From Breathing Space The Basement Galllery Dundalk 29th Sep - 5th Nov 2016.