Danú is our ancient Goddess, Mother Earth to whom we bear witness, from whom we spring forth. We are greater than the sum of ourselves we are a testament to the shared wisdom of motherhood. Our Celtic Goddesses Danú and Bríd still pulse their strength throughout our lives connecting and uniting us making us the sum of their greater parts. This wool painting was designed and made in Dundalk in Bridge Street Studios using the finest hand dyed wools silks and threads and glass beads. Feltmaking is a slow mindful process with a low carbon footprint. 

  • Caóilfíonn Murphy O’Hanlon
  • Mixed Media
  • Naturally hand dyed wools, silks, fibre remnants, stitch and beads
  • 72 x 52 cm
  • Purchased from Louth Craftmark Exhibition - Greater Than > Basement gallery - 30th March – 15th April 2023