For some, to see the world in black and white is a detriment. For Jason McCarthy, it represents the purest form of expression. Having left school at the age of 16, Jason found a more creatively nurturing environment in Drogheda Youthreach. It was here that his love of photography was born, thanks chiefly to a keen art teacher thrusting a Craige Horsefield book of black and white photography into his hands.
Soon after, Jason bought his first camera and found himself drawn to the strange beauty of run-down locations. Later, on something of a whim, he would develop his craft in the fashion world, shooting models and discovering the power of the portrait. Jason’s work has appeared in The Irish Times, The Sunday Business Post and other online publications. From derelict desolation to expansive landscapes to the unique combination of truth and aesthetic that is the human face, he continues to capture extraordinary spirit with each fresh image.

  • Jason McCarthy
  • Photography – Pearl Uncoated Paper
  • Photography – Pearl Uncoated Paper
  • 92 x 52 cm
  • Purchased from the Artists Studio 2015-09-02