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Greenmantle arts work with natural materials such as willow, moss and wood to make environment integrated work. Greenmantle is based in Tipperary. The aim of Greenmantle Community Projects is to enable local people to take an active part in the creative process towards making contemporary artworks within their own environment. This creates a strong sense of ownership in the final artwork and ensures that each piece is site specific and relevant to the area and its inhabitants. Greenmantle believe that the community should have the opportunity to be involved in all stages of making the artwork. This means that the exact design for the piece is worked out in consultation with local people and the ideas are explored through creative community workshops.

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Date: 2001

Medium: Concrete and willow

Dimensions: 202 x 64cm

Location: Cloonevan Park, Blackrock, Co. Louth


Date: 2003

Medium: Reconstituted Stone

Dimensions: 2.5m x 1m each (x2)

Location: St. Lorcan’s National School, Omeath, Co. Louth

 Our House

Date: 2003

Medium: Mixed media and sound

Dimensions: n/a

Location: Archive