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Jane lives and works from a farm on the North bank of the Shannon Estuary. She has been developing a visual language combining contemporary practices and sensibilities with ancient techniques in metalworking – casting, repoussé, etching, patination and gilding. Man-made and natural features in the surrounding landscape have informed much of her work. She has a particular interest in the interpretation of this landscape through 17th and 18th century cartographers. Another area of study has been the work of a number of Irish explorer botanists of the 19th century and in particular Augustine Henry. Plants identified and brought back to Ireland by this plantsman have evoked images that she translates into metal.

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artist works


Salmon Weather Vane

Date: 2001

Medium: bronze

Dimensions: 92 x 122cm

Location: Omeath, Co. Louth

Táin Poem

Date: 2002

Medium: bronze

Dimensions: 93x58cm

Location: Clogherhead, Co. Louth

The text on the panel comes from Thomas Kinsella’s translation of An Táin and reads:

If the fish were running in the river mouths,

I would give you one and share another

With a fistful each of cress, marshwort and sea-herb